Frequently Asked Questions

1I want to design a website for my business. Why should i choose you?
Our developers are dedicated to produce quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We concentrate on being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.
2Can i trust you to keep my business secrets with you?
All information is kept confidential. Your business secrets are safe with us. We have some clients who are competitors but they all know that they can trust us. We even never share your passwords with your team members unless you ask us to do so.
3How can I be confident of the quality and reliability?
At Trends Creator Quality is a main priority. We do everything to ensure our customer satisfaction. The goal of our company is to build attractive & smooth functional websites that meet the highest standards of quality. We "get into your head" and develop a deep understanding of your needs, wants and expectations. The result is an exceptional product.
4I cannot visit your office. How can i get the work done?
We can even work without seeing your face. If you are comfortable then we can have video conferences or video calls for better clarity. If its not possible, simple voice calls and whatsapp messages are enough for us to understand your requirement.

We have worked for the clients in Delhi, Kerela, Kolkata and even France & UK. So don't worry if you are too busy to meet us face to face.
5I am getting the same service at lower price. What is the reason to select you?
We are experienced and experts in this field. We know about the quality of the service you will get at low rates. Their designs might be out of trend, code may be messy and the website or application is not secure.

Here, at Trends Creator we not only work on what you see but we also work on the back-end to create a clean & secure code.
6I am worried about hackers. How can you ensure online safety for me?
This is a big question and believe us that website or application security is one of our priority. We try to write code to cheat hackers, use antivirus and prevent bots to attack site. Firewall is installed and spams are blocked on your site by our special team.

After working so much on security we still tend to take backup of your website as per your guideline so that we can restore it back in case it gets hacked. Doing so you will never have to face data loss.
7Can i ask for some trial period to be sure to select you for my project?
Yes, you can. In trial period we can create a first page demo for you. You can tell us on that first page only what chabges you need, what font you want to use, website colour, etc. If you are happy with the design, we can continue with the suggested changes else you can ask for another demo page.
8I am ready to start project with you. What all do you need from me?
We just need the idea of your project. Your expectations from putting you business online. These are 2 main things we require. Rest we can have call or whatsapp at +91 75800 61620.
9How do you charge and what is the criteria of payment.
Once you are ready to go we charge 30% of the total development charges to start the project. When half of the project is done next 30% is charged again. Remaining 40% is charged after completing project. After making complete payment, we will share with you your website passwords and other important credentials.
10How will i keep updating my website once you develop it?
You need not to worry about anything after choosing us. We will take complete care of your website update and management. We will take care of your domain, hosting and website or application you are developing from us. So, you can shift your complete burden on us and can party.
11My question is something else. How can i ask that?
There is no hurdle between us to contact. If your question is something different or you simply want to get in touch just click the button below and ask your query.
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